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Mini-Barbed Tube

Gates Mini-Barbed Tube couplings are for use with polyethylene tubing for pneumatic applications, lubrication and cooling lines, vacuum and fluid systems.

  • Allows for quick connection without any tube preparation.
  • Barbed design provides a safe connection and a positive, tactile feel when the connection is made.
  • 360 Brass Construction.

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Part # Product # Description
25MBT-2MP 725009255 G57100-2502 25MBT-2MP 1068X25X2
2MP-4MBT-4MBT 725009325 G57130-0204 2MP-4MBT-4MBT 1071X4
2MP-6MBT-6MBT 725009335 G57130-0206 2MP-6MBT-6MBT 1071X6X2
3MBT-4MBT 725009535 G57400-0304 3MBT-4MBT 1062X4X3
3MBT-4MFA 725009465 G57190-0304 3MBT-4MFA 1078X3X4
4MBT-1MP 725009195 G57100-0401 4MBT-1MP 1068X4X1
4MBT-1MP90 725009265 G57104-0401 4MBT-1MP90 1069X4X1
4MBT-2FP 725009385 G57150-0402 4MBT-2FP 1066X4
4MBT-2FP90 725009425 G57154-0402 4MBT-2FP90 1070X4
4MBT-2MP 725009205 G57100-0402 4MBT-2MP 1068X4
1-10 of 52 Items

Brass with Benefits.

As leaders in industrial material science, we know the right metals for your applications. Known for its corrosion-resistance and strength, brass provides a safe, durable fitting connection that will maintain in excellent condition for years of reliable service.