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Inverted Flare

Gates inverted flare adapters are used with aluminum, brass, copper, and steel tubing that can be flared. Recommended for hydraulic brake, fuel and oil lines, as well as refrigerant in engine, air conditioning, marine, and mobile applications.

  • An economical and reusable solution that can be field installed.
  • Threads and seats can be assembles and disassembled for long service life.
  • Tighter tube bends can be achieved using a short nut (brass or steel), whereas a long nut is recommended in applications where excessive, high vibration exists.

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Part # Product # Description A1 Outside Diameter (in) T1 Thread T2 Thread
10FI-10FI 725014015 G60693-1010 10FI-10FI 302X10 7/8-18 in 7/8-18 in
10T-10MIXN-S 725010505 G60596-1010 10T-10MIXN-S 105X10 0.625in 7/8-18 in
12MP-12FI 725011525 G60625-1212 12MP-12FI 202X12 0.75in 3/4-14 in 1 1/16-16 in
12MP-12FI90 725011825 G60627-1212 12MP-12FI90 402X12 3/4-14 in 1 1/16-16 in
12MP-14FI 725011535 G60625-1214 12MP-14FI 202X14 0.875in 3/4-14 in 1 3/16-16 in
12MP-14FI90 725011835 G60627-1214 12MP-14FI90 402X14 3/4-14 in 1 3/16-16 in
12T-12MIXN-S 725010515 G60596-1212 12T-12MIXN-S 105X12 0.75in 1 1/16-16 in
14FI-14FI-14FI 725014215 G60695-1414 14FI-14FI-14FI 702X14 1 3/16-16 in 1 3/16-16 in
14T-14MIXN-S 725010525 G60596-1414 14T-14MIXN-S 105X14 0.875in 1 3/16-16 in
16MP-16FI 725011545 G60625-1616 16MP-16FI 1.0in 1-11 1/2 in 1 5/16-16 in
1-10 of 111 Items

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