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Nylon Air Brake Tubing

Air Brake for truck, tractor trailer, and other moving equipment. Also suitable for DEF vent line, air accessories, and instrumentation, alcohol, and solvents. Not for use where heat or battery acid is present. Federal law requires registration with the Department of Transportation for anyone producing air brake assemblies with swaged or crimped fittings.

  • Heat and light stabilized seamless extruded nylon 12 tube, nylon 11 cover.
  • Type A is non-reinforced by DOT for air brake systems (use for service lines only).
  • Type B is reinforced with one ply of fibrous nylon.
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +93°C (-40°F to +200°F).
  • Meets DOT FMVSS 106 and SAE J844 requirements.
  • Multiple colors available.

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Part # Product # Description Maximum Working Pressure (psi) Weight Per ft Packaging
10NABTA X50FT 43270056 H30003-10 10NABTA X50FT 150 3.45 T
10NABTAXREEL 43270115 H30000-10 10NABTAXREEL 150 0.08 T
10NABTB X50FT 43270071 H30063-10 10NABTB X50FT 150 3.45 T
10NABTG X50FT 43270061 H30043-10 10NABTGX50FT 150 3.5 T
10NABTGXREEL 43271006 H30040-10 10NABTGXREEL 150 0.07 T
10NABTO X50FT 43270081 H30083-10 10NABTO X50FT 150 3.5 T
10NABTOXREEL 43270138 H30080-10 10NABTOXREEL 150 0.08 T
10NABTR X50FT 43270066 H30053-10 10NABTR X50FT 150 3.5 T
10NABTRXREEL 43271007 H30050-10 10NABTRXREEL 150 0.03 T
10NABTY X50FT 43270076 H30073-10 10NABTYX50FT 150 3.55 T
1-10 of 65 Items