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Metric Towed Trailer Brake - Tee

Gates automotive adapters are used with aluminum, brass, copper, and steel tubing and adapt automotive oil filters, carburetors, power steering and fuel lines, transmission oil cooler lines, and drain plugs. Also used to adapt brake lines to port configurations found in master cylinders or for adapting brake lines to metric sizes.

  • Robust construction with metal to metal seats for high heat and fluid compatibility.
  • Conforms to SAE and ASME specifications.
  • 2000 PSI working pressure.

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Part # Product # Description T1 Thread T2 Thread
725006215 G49305-1203 7921 M12X1 in M12X1 in
725018395 G49304-1203 M12X1 in M12X1 in
725018405 G49304-1303 M13X1.5 in M13X1.5 in
1-3 of 3 Items