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Air Brake Couplings to Male Pipe without Nut and Sleeve

Gates Air Brake Couplings for Rubber Hose are used with AB series rubber air brake hose on assemblies for air brake systems on trucks and buses.

  • Many fittings can be detached and reattached for reuse.
  • Meet SAE J1402 and DOT FMVSS-106 requirements.
  • 225 PSI working pressure, 900 PSI burst pressure.

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Part # Product # Description L (in)
6ABRI-4MP 725003435 G33111-0604 6ABRI-4MP 1391X6 1.91
6ABRI-6MP 725003445 G33111-0606 6ABRI-6MP 1391X6X6 1.91
6ABRI-8MP 725003455 G33111-0608 6ABRI-8MP 1391X6X8 2.06
8ABRI-6MP 725003465 G33111-0806 8ABRI-6MP 1391X8 1.9
8ABRI-8MP 725003475 G33111-0808 8ABRI-8MP 1391X8X8 2.07
1-5 of 5 Items