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Air Brake Couplings Female Pipe to Female Pipe Bulkhead

Gates Air Brake Compression fittings are designed for use in air brake systems, along with compressed air for suspension, steering, engine, transmission, or other onboard applications. Used with Nylon tubing meeting SAE J844 or DIN 74325.

  • Easy to assemble, field serviceable fitting consisting of four component parts.
  • Meets DOT FMVSS 571.106, SAE J1131, DIN 74324, and German TUV requirements.
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93°C).
  • Working pressure: 150 PSI.
  • Material: 360 brass.

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2FP-2FPBKHD 725015615 G33300-0202 2FP-2FPBKHD
4FP-4FPBKHD 725003555 G33300-0404 4FP-4FPBKHD 1344
4FP-4FPBKHDS 725003595 G33301-0404 4FP-4FPBKHDS 1345
6FP-6FPBKHD 725003565 G33300-0606 6FP-6FPBKHD 1346
8FP-4FPBKHD 725003575 G33300-0804 8FP-4FPBKHD 1340
8FP-4FPBKHDS 725003605 G33301-0804 8FP-4FPBKHDS 1343
8FP-8FPBKHD 725003585 G33300-0808 8FP-8FPBKHD 1351
1-7 of 7 Items