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Air Brake Copper Tubing Compression Union

Gates Air Brake Copper Tubing Compression fittings are used with copper tubing in air brake systems, as well as compressed air connections on suspension, steering, engine, transmission, and auxiliary components.

  • Easy to assemble, no flaring tools required.
  • Versatile - can be used with nylon tubing by replacing the long nut and sleeve with an insert, rigid sleeve, and nut.

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Part # Product # Description A1 Outside Diameter (in) A2 Outside Diameter T1 Thread T2 Thread
10ABCT-10ABCT 725000625 G30400-1010 10ABCT-10ABCT 1362X10 0.625in 0.625in 13/16-18 in 13/16-18 in
12ABCT-12ABCT 725000635 G30400-1212 12ABCT-12ABCT 1362X12 0.75in 0.75in 1-18 in 1-18 in
4ABCT-4ABCT 725000595 G30400-0404 4ABCT-4ABCT 1362X4 0.25in 0.25in 7/16-24 in 7/16-24 in
6ABCT-6ABCT 725000605 G30400-0606 6ABCT-6ABCT 1362X6 0.375in 0.375in 17/32-24 in 17/32-24 in
8ABCT-8ABCT 725000615 G30400-0808 8ABCT-8ABCT 1362X8 0.5in 0.5in 11/16-20 in 11/16-20 in
1-5 of 5 Items