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Super Hex Clamps

Top quality clamp with extra-strength construction. Super Hex features a ½" wide band, while the Minex band is 5/16". Durable 200 series stainless steel band and screw housing. One-piece screw housing is interlocked onto band for extra strength. Solid head forged from one piece of steel, cadmium plated. Hex shaped screw with deep slot - tightens with screwdriver, nutdriver or socket wrench.

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74000032 32032 SUPER HEX CLAMP
74000072 32072 SUPER HEX CLAMP
74000016 32016 SUPER HEX CLAMP
74000064 32064 SUPER HEX CLAMP
74000104 32104 SUPER HEX CLAMP
74000001 32001 SUPER HEX CLAMP
74000007 32007 SUPER HEX CLAMP
74000008 32008 SUPER HEX CLAMP
74000010 32010 SUPER HEX CLAMP
74000020 32020 SUPER HEX CLAMP
1-10 of 20 Items