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Green Stripe® Silicone Hose Clamps

Designed for heavy duty trucks, busses, and vehicular equipment applications, Gates Green Stripe® Silicone Hose Clamps provide an extra-tight seal on silicone hose and prevent hose cover extrusion. We've engineered our hose clamps with durable, high-strength stainless steel band, screw, and housing to resist corrosion and withstand tough operating conditions.

  • Four-piece construction and 100% mechanical interlock for added strength and torque capability.
  • Combination 5/16" hexagon, deep slot screw head for easy installation.
  • Easily tighten clamp with a screwdriver, nut driver, or socket wrench.
  • Wide 9/16" band gives 12½% more compression than ½" band.
  • Inner-liner band eliminates hose cover extrusion.
  • One-piece band and liner.
  • Packaging: 10 per box.

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74000356 32356 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
74000316 32316 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
74000312 32312 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
74000310 32310 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
74000308 32308 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
74000352 32352 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
74000364 32364 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
74000372 32372 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
74000336 32336 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
74000324 32324 SILICONE HOSE CLAMP
1-10 of 16 Items

Secure Your Silicone Hoses

When working with soft-surface hose materials like silicone, it's critical to use clamps designed specifically for silicone applications. Designed to minimize damage and maximize assembly working life, Gates® Green Stripe™ Silicone Hose Clamps have a special inside liner to prevent cover extrusion and protect your silicone and soft-hose assemblies.

Inspecting Your Assemblies

We recommend regular inspections of all critical heavy-duty vehicle systems, including your hose assemblies, at around 60,000 miles.

When inspecting your silicone hose, first ensure the engine is cool. Squeeze the hose near the clamps or connectors to feel for weak spots, bulges, leaks, cracks, or rot, and replace the hose and it running at peak performance.