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Heater Hose Assemblies

Made with OE materials, Gates’ heater hose assemblies provide an OE-exact fit at significant cost savings compared to the OE dealer, so you can perform costly, difficult system repairs with confidence. All hose assemblies are manufactured with heavy-gauge steel tubing, strong welds, and high resistance against corrosion and rust for long-lasting, complete system solution.

  • Includes everything necessary for a complete assembly repair
  • Manufactured with heavy-gauge steel tubing, tough welds, and OE-exact hose material for high corrosion, rust, and vibration resistance

All Parts

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Part # Product # Description End 1 Type End 2 Type Length Includes Switch Port End 1 Diameter (mm) End 1 Diameter (in) End 2 Diameter (mm) End 2 Diameter (in)
HHA106 32661002 HHA106 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR 53 in false
HHA107 32661003 HHA107 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR 29.75 in false
HHA109 32661004 HHA109 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR 29.5 in false
HHA110 32661005 HHA110 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR 40.5 in false
HHA112 32661006 HHA112 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR 36 in false
HHA113 32661007 HHA113 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR 31.5 in false
HHA114 32661008 HHA114 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR 27 in false
HHA115 32661001 HHA115 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR false
HHA116 32661009 HHA116 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR false
HHA122 32661010 HHA122 HEATER HOSE ASSY GATR 50.25 in false
1-10 of 15 Items

Hose Assemblies Made Simple.

Heater hose replacements can be a difficult, costly, and time-consuming project. And as automotive experts, we know difficult projects call for high-quality materials. With Gates® Heater Hose Assemblies, you'll get the complete assembly components with OE-exact fit to virtually every import or domestic vehicle on the road today - making your installations and inventory easier.

Gates brings OE to the Aftermarket

Gates® develops our automotive aftermarket parts in partnership with more than 35 of the top automotive OEMs around the world, so you can trust premium-grade automotive parts with exceptional fit, function, and performance that fit virtually every vehicle on the road today.