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Wire Inserted Green Stripe® Corrugated Cover

It’s always best to have versatile solutions to ensure your various needs are met. Use the Wire Inserted Green Stripe® Corrugated Cover, which has the ability to replace many sizes of tailor-made curved hoses. The cover cuts easily with a knife and wire cutters, ensuring the right length and easy installation.

  • Temperature: –40°F to +257°F (–40°C to +125°C).
  • Exceeds SAE 20R2 Type EC (Class D2 Tube and cover) except in vacuum applications.
  • Engineered with compounds which resist electrochemical degradation.

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Part # Product # Description Hose Inside Diameter (in) Hose Inside Diameter (mm) Weight Per ft
46851832 2X10 RAD HOSE 2 50.8 7.5
46851824 1 1/2X10 RAD HOSE 1.5 38.1 6.08
46851830 1 7/8X10 RAD HOSE 1.875 47.6 5.9
46851820 1 1/4X10 RAD HOSE 1.25 31.8 5.13
46851856 3 1/2X10 RAD HOSE 3.5 88.9 13
46851844 2 3/4X10 RAD HOSE 2.75 69.9 12.31
46851818 HOSE GATR 4685-1818 1.125 28.6 5
46850096 6X5 RAD HOSE 6 152.4 8.73
46851836 2 1/4X10 RAD HOSE 2.25 57.2 8.7
1-9 of 9 Items

Flexibility at its Finest.

Not only do covers keep your hoses safe, but installing them is simple and convenient. The helical carbon steel wire bends easily for curved connections, meaning no matter your application setup, you won't run into harships during installation. Additionally, these wire-inserted covers are approved for marine applications, making them useful for a range of jobs.

One Hose Fits All.

The multi-use capabilities of the Wire Inserted Green Stripe® Corrugated Cover mean you'll be covered when you need it, without having to worry about inventory storage and costs. With the ability to cover a variety of applications, including marine, you can be more space and economically efficient.