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Dual I.D. Heater Hose

Gates Dual Inside Diameter, or Dual I.D., molded heater hose is designed for durable, long-lasting OE-quality performance on cars, light trucks, and other applications requiring diameter changes.

  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +275°F (-40°C to +135°C).
  • Engineered to resist electrochemical degradation.
  • Use with hose connectors and bulk heater hose for virtually complete molded heater hose coverage.
  • Meets SAE 20R3 type EC Class D-1 and D-2 specifications.

All Parts

Part # Product # Description Hose Inside Diameter (in) Hose Inside Diameter (mm) Weight Per ft
18050 42570006 18050 SID COOLANT HOSE 0.5 13 0.16
18051 42570007 18051 SID COOLANT HOSE 0.5 13 0.26
18080 42570015 18080 GATR 0.62 16 0.17
18081 42570016 18081 SID COOLANT HOSE 0.62 16 0.29
18082 42570017 18082 GATR 0.62 16 0.36
18083 42570018 HOSE CH GATR 18083 0.62 16 0.79
18084 42570019 18084 SID COOLANT HOSE 0.62 16 1.13

Eliminating ECD

When creating our Dual I.D. heater hoses, we wanted to tackle the leading cause of hose failure: electrochemical degradation, or ECD. This occurs when the hose, hydraulic fluid, and engine/radiator fittings form a galvanic cell or "battery," creating a chemical reaction that allows micro-cracks to form in the hose tube. Fluid seeps into these cracks or striations and breaks down the reinforcement, leading to hose failure and, ultimately, roadside breakdowns.

We worked to engineer our EPDM heater hose material compound with superior electrochemical resistance, so your Gates® hoses will last longer and keep your engine systems running stronger.

O-E Molded

For a secure fit to virtually every vehicle on the road today, Gates® precision-manufactures our molded engine hoses with exclusively-developed factory processes to ensure compatibility and exceptional performance to vehicle manufacturer specifications.