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    Green Stripe® Constant Tension Clamps

    Green Stripe® constant tension clamps provide the reusable, self-adjusting band needed for a dependable seal, even in the coldest conditions. The Green Stripe® and Green Stripe® Heavy Duty constant tension clamps feature larger, heavy-gauge, precision-formed spring washers with higher rates of band tension and adjustability for a more dependable seal for use in automotive, truck, and bus cooling systems and turbochargers.

    • All stainless steel construction for maximum corrosion resistance.
    • Band and housing – 9/16" wide – GSCT 301 and GSHD 304 stainless steel.
    • Hex-head screw – 410 stainless steel GSCT 5/16" and GSHD 3/8" wide.
    • A uniform 360° seal.
    • Clamping diameters – GSCT 9/16" to 3-1/2" and GSHD 1" to 9-1/8".
    • Tighten Green Stripe® clamps to minimum of 50 in./lbs. and maximum of 85 in./lbs, and heavy-duty clamps to minimum of 75 in./lbs. and maximum of 125 in./lbs.

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    For Fleets that Can't Afford Downtime

    You'll find Gates® Green Stripe™ belts, clamps, and components working hard in fleet engines all over the world, driving heavy-duty vehicle applications with maximum performance under the most demanding driving conditions. We engineer our Constant Tension Clamps to outperform the competition, keeping your hose systems in place and performing when you need them most.