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Extended Length Belting Clamping Plates

Use with Synchronous long-length belting including Poly Chain GT Carbon, PowerGrip GT2, PowerGrip Timing, and HTD.

  • Clamping Plates allow maximum clamping strength for long-length belting used in linear drives.
  • Clamping Plates are aluminum.
  • Bolts are included.

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Part # Product # Description
CP-025-XL 78870079 CP-025-XL
CP-037-L 78870087 CP-037-L
CP-037-XL 78870081 CP-037-XL
CP-04-2MR 78870200 CP-04-2MR
CP-050-H 78870096 CP-050-H
CP-050-L 78870088 CP-050-L
CP-050-XL 78870082 CP-050-XL
CP-06-2MR 78870201 CP-06-2MR
CP-06-3MR 78870203 CP-06-3MR
CP-075-H 78870097 CP-075-H
1-10 of 43 Items