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    PowerGrip® Hydraulic Tensioners

    Replace any timing belt hydraulic tensioners with OE-equivalent or OE-superior PowerGrip® Timing Belt Hydraulic Tensioners by Gates. If you’re looking to replace individual components, including automatic or manual hydraulic tensioners and idler pulleys, get OE-exact fit, function, and performance with Gates.

    • Resists damage from contaminants with the help of metal bearings.
    • Premium bearings that match or exceed OE-quality.

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    We take our OE-exact products and we work to make them better. Gates engineers analyze failure modes of OE designs, test them under various driving and speed conditions, and make continuous adjustments to improve performance, durability, and quality. So when you're with Gates automotive aftermarket, you're getting even better than the original.


    If you work with notoriously difficult applications, the PowerGrip® Hydraulic Tensioners are the components for the job. With our proprietary PowerGrip technology, our tensioners operation superior performance levels to not only other aftermarket solutions, but OE-manufacturers as well.