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    By all accounts, 2020 was a year of global challenge and upheaval. And, as has been the case during each of the major periods of crisis that Gates has weathered in its 110 years, the tenacity, commitment and creativity of our people sustained our organization, offering support to and setting an example for our customers and the communities around the world that we call home.


    While it’s actually only been seven months since the publication of our 2019 Sustainability Report, our sense of urgency for our 2020 Sustainability Report matches evolving attitudes we see around us.


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    2020 Sustainability Report

    Gates’ Board oversees and has responsibility for environmental, social and governance issues, and is committed to integrating these principles into the Company’s long-term strategic vision. Gates’ Board has a formal schedule for consideration of environmental, social and governance matters, including the review of related metrics, and is regularly briefed on emerging issues and trends as they arise. Gates is committed to integrating these principles into the Company’s long-term strategic vision, including review of related metrics, and ESG risks and opportunities.


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    Over the past 110 years, we’ve built our reputation as a leading, global manufacturer with integrity, a strong sense of personal responsibility, and a dedication to working safely. Our five corporate core values of accountability, collaboration, tenacity, curiosity and dedication are an integral part of how we do business. We continue to focus on the wellness of our employees, the strength of our partnerships with our customers, suppliers and distributors, and the sustainability of our environment. Simultaneously, we embrace the diversity and vitality of our global communities.

    We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical and legal business standards, and this guides our decision making and day-to-day activities. Compliance and ethics are deeply embedded in our business strategy. Gates’ team members and directors are expected to follow both the spirit and letter of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Gates’ Code defines our approach to doing business the right way and provides resources to address compliance and ethics concerns.



    Social compliance and human rights. Ethical Sourcing

    Our policies guide our interactions with suppliers, partners and customers worldwide. Adherence to our Supplier Code of Conduct ensures that co-manufacturers and independent suppliers share our commitment to a high ethical resolve, have similar standards and policies in place and practice our core values in their business operations. Where possible, we work directly with our partners to help develop and implement the right way to do business.