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    Gates Releases 414 New Automotive Aftermarket Parts

    Jul 18, 2017


    Gates Corporation, a global diversified manufacturer of industrial and automotive products, has announced the addition of 414 new part numbers to its line of Original Equipment (OE) quality automotive aftermarket products.

    Highlights include:

    Updated DriveAlign® Laser Tool for misalignment detection. This tool is designed to detect misalignment in serpentine drive systems. The two-piece kit contains a laser tool and a target piece, both of which are anodized red for high visibility in dark engine compartments. Additionally, both pieces feature specially designed magnetic feet to sit perfectly in K-section Micro-V pulleys. The laser beam itself is a large vertical line, and when coupled with the precisely etched groove in the target piece, can be used to easily identify misaligned pulleys and components. 

    The GC16XD Mini Crimper and Pump, the company’s first portable crimper. The Gates Mini Crimper and pump combine the performance and speed of a powered pump with the convenience of a hand pump. Gates’ new battery-operated pump has a sealed bladder reservoir that prevents contamination and allows the pump to operate in any position. Combined with Gates’ new GC16XD Mini Crimper weighing only 44 pounds, users can make factory quality assemblies quickly and easily anywhere.

    New Heavy-Duty Turbocharger Reducer Hose. Fitting popular Navistar/International applications, this heavy-duty turbocharger reducer hose features silicone coated meta-aramid fabric with stainless steel pressure retention rings. Meta-aramid reinforcement provides flexibility and strength for long life in demanding high temperature applications, while the high quality silicone cover provides superior service life and excellent heat resistance up to 500°F (260°C). 

    2.7L Kia/Hyundai Timing Kit. Gates introduces a new timing kit for 2.7L Kia/Hyundai vehicles. The kit includes an OE-exact tensioner assembly, OE-performance idler pulley, OE-exact timing belt, and detailed instructions. 

    Expansion of the Gates RPM Micro-V® Belt line. Gates is adding 41 belts to its Racing Performance Muscle belt line, all of which are precisely designed for forced induction and high-output engines. Featuring a nylon-fiber reinforced undercord, high-modulus, low stretch Aramid cord, and dual adhesion gum layers, these belts can handle more power and withstand more punishment than any other belt on the market. The result is increased durability, improved power transmission, and unsurpassed boost.

    “One of our main focuses at Gates is meeting the needs of professional technicians by offering valuable products and tools that make their jobs easier,” said Lou Rosen, SVP Replacement Markets - Americas Region. “As vehicle systems become more complex, it’s crucial that these professionals are well-equipped in order to minimize comebacks and ensure their customers’ satisfaction.”