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  • Сведения о продукции
    Изделие № 4663-04002
    Описание AIR VENT HOSE 23614 7/8
    УТК 072053062397
    Outside Diameter 1 (mm) 27
    Vacuum (In. Hg) 5
    Vacuum (mm/Hg) 127
    Minimum Bend Radius (in) 1
    Continuous Operating Temperature Range -30°F to +250°F
    Hose Inside Diameter (in) 0.875
    Hose Inside Diameter (mm) 22.2
    Hose Outside Diameter (in) 1.06
    Hose Outside Diameter (mm) 26.9
    Temperature Range -30°F to +250°F (-34°C to +121°C) continuous service
  • Строительство
    Construction: Cover Type A (Chloroprene impregnated fabric). Black with red stripe.
    Construction: Design Factor 4:1
    Construction: Reinforcement Single ply of synthetic fabric with two built-in helical wires.
    Construction: Tube Type A (Chloroprene). Black. Oil-resistant.
    Color Black
  • Примечания.
    Caution Not recommended for conveying liquids.
    Recommended For Heating and ventilating applications, such as air intake for butane conversion units, air and heater ducts, defroster lines, air cleaner connections to carburetor, exhaust ducts, vent lines for trailer sewers and drains. For standard-duty applications.
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