Meet MXT™

The next generation of premium hydraulics.

MegaSys™ MXT™ Hose


MXT™ was designed to address our customers’ evolving and varied application challenges.

Using material science and process innovation, combined with a patent-pending construction, Gates now offers an innovative hydraulics solution that is lighter weight and more flexible. Made with high-performance reinforcement and a robust, abrasion-resistant rubber cover, MXT™ is a universally applicable premium product offering performance exceeding industry standards. It meets the needs of diversified applications, allowing you to consolidate inventory while giving you exactly the hose you need, when you need it.





  • Patent-pending in the USA
  • Proprietary application of materials science and processing technology
  • More flexible with lower force-to-bend for faster and more ergonomic installation
  • Lighter weight for easier handling
  • Tested to 3 times impulse criteria (600,000 cycles)
  • Consolidate inventory with a universal, multi-use hose
  • Compatible with MegaCrimp™ Couplings and Gates Crimpers


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Innovation fuelled by material science

Gates researches, designs and tests our hydraulics solutions at the cutting edge of material science to deliver uncompromising solutions for all types of industries and applications.