Food & Beverage

The ingredients for more efficient operations.

In an industry that demands high throughput, quality, and safety - all while meeting strict foodgrade requirements - Gates is at the forefront of innovation. Our hygienic conveyor belts, foodgrade industrial hoses, and clean power transmission solutions are engineered to reducemaintenance, decrease the risk of contamination, improve throughput, and most importantly,support businesses like yours that help feed our growing world.

We understand food industry processing.

Our team of field experts and engineers have spent years working inside and alongside food & beverage operations to understand the complex industry needs. From that, we’ve createdinnovative solutions, specifically designed to help you achieve production efficiency andcleanliness.

  • Food & Beverage Master® hoses are constructed with Sanitron tubing for tasteless fluid and material transfer.
  • Poly Chain ® GT® Carbon® Belts last longer than standard roller chain, without the need for lubrication or re-tensioning, to reduce your replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Power transmission belts don’t require lubrication and don’t rust – both critical features in clean food and beverage production environments.
  • PosiClean® TPU belts can be cleaned-in-place with resulting savings in water, labor, replacement costs, and wastewater disposal.