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  • Product Details
    Product # 3205-00036
    Description PLANT MAS XTRM 315 5/8"xRL152
    UPC 072053212556
    Vacuum (In. Hg) 20
    Min. Burst Pressure (psi) 1260
    Minimum Bend Radius (in) 5
    Minimum Bend Radius (mm) 130
    Continuous Operating Temperature Range -40°F to +212°F
    Hose Inside Diameter (in) 0.625
    Hose Inside Diameter (mm) 15.9
    Hose Outside Diameter (in) 0.98
    Hose Outside Diameter (mm) 24.9
    Inside Diameter (in) 5/8
    Inside Diameter (mm) 16
    Temperature Range -40/100
    Max. Working Pressure 315
    Max. Working Pressure (Bar) 22
    Length (m) 152
    Outside Diameter (in) 0.98
    Outside Diameter (mm) 24.9
  • Application
    Coupling Recommendation Power Crimp® Couplings Section I, (See Crimp Data Manual 428-7365 or E-Crimp), GLX® Couplings (G44) Section L
    Use Industrial Hose
    Markets/Applications Water & Air / Multi-purpose
  • Construction
    Construction: Cover Type C2 (Modified Nitrile). Red.
    Construction: Design Factor 3
    Construction: Reinforcement YS
    Construction: Tube NBR
    Reinforcement Synthetic, high tensile textile cord.
    Tube Type C (Nitrile). Black.
    Color Red
  • International Standards
    Standards: Cover ARPM (Class B) Medium oil-resistance.
    Standards: Tube ARPM (Class A) High oil-resistance.
    Standards Non-conductive (>1 Megohm/in.). Storage and use may adversely affect electrical resistance.
  • Notes
    Couplings Note Select Ind Hose Coupling Reference Sheet link below for additional information.
    Notes NOTE: Pkg Code T = One piece continuous length reel. Pkg Code XX = Two piece reel, 50 ft increments, no length less than 50 ft.
    Recommended For Applications requiring a premium grade spiral hose with excellent flexibility and maximum resistance to air, water, petroleum oils and lubricating oils, (to +212°F). Recommended for gasoline, kerosene and fuel oil transfer only (to +120°F). Excellent weather and ozone resistance.
  • Packaging details
    Customer Pack 152
    Weight (lbs.) 0.26

Features and Benefits

  • R > 10^6 Ohm, Storage may adversely affect electrical resistance.
  • Tube: ARPM (class A) high oil resistance.
  • Cover: ARPM (class B) medium oil resistance.
  • Tube: High oil resistance.
  • Design factor: 4:1.
  • Size: 3/16" to 3/4".
  • Best in class.
  • Red cover.