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4219BF Barricade® GreenShield® Fuel Hose

The 4219BF Barricade® Fuel Injection Hose is a low-permeation hose offering broad fuel compatibility including petrol, ethanol blends, 100% methanol (no blends), diesel, biodiesel (including all blends of SME, RME or PME). It utilises patented GreenShield® Barrier Technology to provide enhanced environmental protection and better fuel efficiency. It is compatible with any fuel injected application - cars, light trucks, UTVs, and small engines (1985 and newer) - where a barrier fuel hose is required. Not for in-tank or gaseous fuels.

  • HNBR tube with thermoplastic barrier and CPE cover; reinforced aramid fibre.
  • High temperature range tolerance: -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F).
  • Specially formulated fibre reinforced undercord that improves belt stability.

All Parts

Part No. Product No. Description Maximum Working Pressure (bar) Hose Inside Diameter (in) Hose Inside Diameter (mm) Hose Outside Diameter (in) Hose Outside Diameter (mm) Minimum Bend Radius (in)
4219BF 1/2"xRL168 4219-5654 4219BF 1/2"xRL168 16 1/2 13 0.78 19.8 5.5
4219BF 1/4"xRL168 4219-5651 4219BF 1/4"xRL168 16 1/4 6 0.5 12.7 2.56
4219BF 3/8"xRL168 4219-5653 4219BF 3/8"xRL168 16 3/8 10 0.63 15.9 3.35
4219BF 5/16"xRL168 4219-5652 4219BF 5/16"xRL168 16 5/16 8 0.56 14.3 2.95


Our five-layer Greenshield® Barrier Technology cuts vapour loss and saves fuel, making it safe for the environment and fuel efficient.

  1. Barrier tube - provides high heat and corrosive liquid resistance.
  2. Greenshield® barrier - patent-pending technology provides the lowest permeation in the industry.
  3. Adhesion layer - secondary protective barrier.
  4. Reinforcement layer - spiral textile reinforcement provide strength and pressure resistance.
  5. Cover - protect underlying components.

Features and Benefits

  • Static conductive (ISO 1813) and can as such be used in the conditions described in the Directive 2014/34/EU- ATEX (except PK profile).
  • Belts will operate in standard pulleys provided the pulleys are manufactured to the DIN 7867 or ISO 9982 standard for the specific cross-section.
  • Standard: SAE 30R14 T2 except no kink test and higher burst, CARB, EPA Non-Road Fuel Lines (<15g/m²/day) for spark ignition engines.
  • All elastomeric rubber compound provides oil and heat resistance.
  • Can be installed on grooved DriveR and flat DriveN pulley.
  • Oil, heat, ozone and abrasion-resistant cover.
  • Long life due to extra load-carrying capacity.
  • Not for in-tank or gaseous fuels.
  • Improved performance on back idlers.
  • Extremely smooth and cool running.
  • Very high power capacity per rib.
  • Tolerant of pulley groove debris.
  • Max working pressure: 225 psi.
  • Working pressure: 1,55 MPa.
  • Multi-fuel compatibility.
  • Barrier: Thermoplastic liner.
  • Design factor: 5:1.
  • Size: 3/16" to 1/2".


Barricade® Fuel Injection Hose provides a versatile solution in OE-quality aftermarket fuel hose. The Barricade® Fuel Injection Hose is approved for use with: unleaded petrol, diesel, biodiesel (up to B100 [SME, PME, RME], max temp +100°C; +212°F), methanol, ethanol (E10, E15, E85), and gasohol fuels.