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    Multi-Speed® Belt

    Gates Multi-Speed belts are manufactured with a banded or bandless construction featuring high-modulus, fiber-loaded stock that offers transverse rigidity and flexibility for higher load capacity and longer service life on your variable speed drives.

    • Notch Design reduced thermal and bending stresses for longer life.
    • Smooth running construction for minimal vibration at high speeds.
    • Uniform composition and thickness of the undercord ensure smooth and silent running.


    In today's applications, power transmission systems do more than operate at constant speeds with constant outputs. Our customers increasingly need variable speed systems to regulate the speed and rotational force, or output torque, of critical mechanical equipment. Our Multi-Speed belts are engineered for efficiency, energy savings, and increased productivity at a wide range of speeds and speed ratios.

    Features and Benefits

    • Gates Multi-speed belt adjusts itself to the pulley groove without difficulty, providing a wide range of speeds and speed ratios.
    • In addition to the standard Multi-Speed belt line, special sizes (top width, thickness and angle) are available on request.


    Gates® designs molded notches in our belts to reduce the bending stress as the belt wraps around small diameter pulleys, thereby reducing the heat generated by rapid flexing to prevent premature belt failure. A relatively large, deep notch provides excellent flexibility for bending around pulleys by implementing the notch near the cord line.