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    Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® Timing Belts

    The power you want, the safety you never had! Antistatic power transmission belts are a necessity in volatile environments, like those found in the energy, agriculture, and petrochemical industries. The Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® belt is the only belt in the market that provide an industry-leading solution that meets ISO 9563 standard for static conductivity over the full lifetime of the belt. Its patented static-conductive jacket construction transfers static electricity safely to carbon tensile cords, away from the driven side of the application - making it your safest and strongest option for applications in ATEX environments. Gates uses patented Carbon Fiber tensile cords for increased horsepower rating, compactness, and flexibility, while also allowing the use of backside. When combined with Gates Poly Chain® GT sprockets, you'll have a lightweight, long-lasting, maintenance-free system that's more than a match for roller chain.


    Gates® Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® Belts take everything we've put into our Poly Chain belts and makes them better. Carbon tensile cords and polyurethane construction superior provide strength and fatigue resistance, limiting stretch, and providing maximum flexibility. The patented curvilinear tooth profile provides exceptional power transmission capabilities. While the patented anti static jacket makes the belt ideal for volatile environments and is ATEX directive compliant.

    Features and Benefits

    • Static conductive (ISO 9563) and can as such be used in the conditions described in the directive 2014/34/EU- ATEX.
    • Chemically resistant polyurethane compound that ensures optimum adhesion with the carbon tensile cords.
    • Nylon fabric facing that acts as a wear resistant surface, protecting the teeth and keeping frictional losses to a minimum.
    • Maintains ISO 9563 standard for static conductivity throughout the product life span.
    • High power capacity and performance with a lightweight, clean-running construction.
    • Curvilinear tooth profle for improved stress distribution and higher overall loading.
    • Carbon fiber reinforcement for high strength and length stability.
    • Equivalent capacity to roller chain drives in the same width.
    • Supports a maintenance-free, energy saving operation.
    • Moisture, chemical, pollutant, and abrasion resistant.
    • On demand available in PowerPainT™ construction.
    • Temperature Range: -54°C to + +85°C (-65°F to +185°F).
    • Perfect fit on Poly Chain® GT profile pulleys.
    • Provides fast ROI on drive conversions.
    • Patented design and construction.
    • Fast drive conversion payback.
    • Suited for use with back idlers.
    • Quieter than roller chain drives.
    • Available in 8MGT, 14MGT pitch.
    • Efficiencies up to 99%.


    Gates® dedication to R&D and material science are encompassed by our Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® Belts. Engineered to transfer static away from the drive surface, Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® Belts reduce risk and enhance the safety of your operations. Their lightweight, superior strength, and maintenance free design boost energy savings, lengthen belt life, and virtually eliminate maintenance costs. This makes Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® Belts a powerful, versatile solution for your most demanding power transmission applications.