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    eCrimp Database

    Find and print the most up-to-date crimp specifications for your Gates hydraulic and industrial hoses and assemblies. The eCrimp database provides crimping instructions, crimp diameter, maintenance, and troubleshooting information.


    Launch eCrimp Database


    For access to up-to-date crimping data anytime, anywhere, download the Gates eCrimp Mobile App.


    The eCrimp Database can be used to find crimp data for the MobileCrimp 4-20, PC 707,SC32, PC 3000B, PC2001 (Finn Power 120),GC32-XD™ Global Hose Crimper, GC96 and Omni Crimp 21. You may find and print custom results by selecting your crimper, hose and coupling. Optional results may also be limited by die set and working pressure.