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    Synchro-Power® Polyurethane Belts

    Gates® Synchro-Power® polyurethane belts are designed for long lasting and energy-efficient performance. The endless urethane construction provides higher strength as compared to welded urethane belts, making them well-suited for use in power transmission and high-performance positioning applications.

    • Polyurethane body is abrasion, chemical and wear resistant for increased durability.
    • Temperature range tolerances from -30°C to +80°C (-22°F to +176°F).
    • Abrasion, chemical, and wear resistant for extended life.

    High Performance Polyurethane.

    We engineer all our power transmission solutions on the cutting edge of material science, and our Synchro-Power Polyurethane belts are no exception. Polyurethane has a high load capacity in both tension and compression, offering superior flexibility, high tensile strength to increase tear resistance, and high temperature tolerance when compared to conventional belt materials.

    Features and Benefits

    • Modifications include molded profiles, tensile cords, lamination with various backings, and FDA and USDA compliant construction.
    • Can be welded endless, and modified in a variety of ways to meet application demands.
    • Suited for use in harsh operating environments.
    • Steel tensile cord for length stability.
    • Wide range of widths up to 18 inches.
    • Made to order.

    Modifications for Every Market.

    Urethane belting can be modified in a variety of ways, including the molded profiles, tensile cords, lamination with various backings, and FDA and USDA compliant constructions, in order to suit your unique needs. You'll find Synchro-Power belts in a range of applications, from automatic assembly operations, printing and conveying applications, to textile, packaging and vacuum conveying machinery - and much more.