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    DriveAlign® Tensioner Kits

    Save time and energy with the DriveAlign® Tensioner Kit for your accessory belt drive systems. All Gates kits are specifically designed and manufactured as a complete solution for a specific application. You not only save time sourcing parts, but also save money when purchasing a package. Get all your belt drive needs in one place, at a great price.

    • A worn tensioner can make a new belt wear up to 2x faster.
    • Tensioners wear at the same rate as the belt.
    • Loose parts take more time to source.

    All Parts

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    They get to the root of the problem. A worn or noisy belt is only part of the issue. A complete drive system repair is the only way to do the job right.

    Features and Benefits

    • Performing a complete system repair doesn't add much time, but adds a lot of value (and protects against returns).
    • Without proper tension, even the best new belt can’t efficiently transfer power.