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    Refined Solutions for the Refining Industry.

    Refined petroleum used for fuel and thousands of everyday products required for a vibrant global economy - the world relies on your refinery to run 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. At Gates, we understand your operations need to produce the petroleum products that power our global economy, and our everyday lives. That's why we've engineered Gates Oil & Gas power transmission and fluid power solutions for uncompromisingly reliable service to your refining plant operations. We never stop testing our solutions to minimize non-scheduled maintenance, and the potential risks of leaks, and costly failures. 

    • The failure of a critical hose can cost a significant amount of money per hour in lost production.
    • Gates refining product solutions are engineered to improve process equipment up-time.
    • Regulatory fines from a leaking hose could range substantially in costs, and businesses will be charged per violation.

    Upgrade maintenance and repair operations.

    While your operations work to convert crude oil into the products that make our country run, we work to cut your operating costs. Our complete line of Gates hoses and hydraulic solutions, including the Chem Master® chemical hose, Plant Master® multi-purpose hose, and Fuel Master® petroleum hose, are designed, manufactured, and tested to increase your operational efficiency, lower your non-scheduled maintenance and repair costs, and improve your refining plant profitability.