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    Powering your everyday progress.

    From off-shore oil operations to commercial agriculture applications, Gates is proud to provide solutions to the complex industries that power our lives - and we’re even prouder to provide everyday solutions that power yours. Gates rigorous research teams and premium materials deliver the same high quality solutions - to your lawn mower, woodworking equipment, washing machine and other appliances, power washers, printers, and much more.

    • Gates belts last up significantly longer than competitive belts to keep your tools, machines, and equipment running longer.
    • Gates industrial hoses withstand the rigorous conditions of power washers and air compressors.
    Bottom half of person wearing blackrubber boots holding pressurer washer wand

    Less downtime means more daytime.

    Professional-grade hoses that help you finish up the housework. V-belts, Micro-V and synchronous belts that put the power in your workshop power tools. The Gates solutions that power consumer products are designed for efficiency and durability, so you can get your work done, then get back to enjoying your day off.