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    Super HC® Moulded Notch Belts

    When your power transmission application needs a high horsepower solution but is constrained by drive weight or physical space, the answer is Super HC® Moulded Notch Belts. Our proprietary construction process provides a superior combination of flex and load-carrying capacity, transmitting up to three times the horsepower versus comparably sized belts. Super HC® MN V-belts put more power where high speeds, high speed ratios or small pulley diameters are required, offering significant benefits over classical section V-belts. Developed through specialised research, Super HC® MN is highly recommended for use on all industrial heavy-duty, narrow section V-belt drives. With an increased transmission efficiency this belt allows for a more compact and highly economical drive design.

    • Flex-bonded tensile cords are vulcanised as one solid unit making the belt highly resistant to tensile and flexing forces, fatigue and shock loads.
    • Precision-ground straight sidewalls give a uniform wedging action and ensure the belt fits correctly in the pulley grooves.
    • Moulded Notches reduce and evenly distribute thermal and bending stresses.

    All Parts

    Part # Product # Description Top Width(in) Top Width(mm) Effective Length (in) Effective Length (mm) Notched Angle Outside Circumference (in) Outside Circumference (mm) Section Number of Ribs


    Our proprietary manufacturing process and investments in material science created a power transmission solution that outperforms other options. Flex-Bonded Cords adhere strongly to the body of the belt, resulting in equal load distribution and absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.

    Features and Benefits

    • Machined belt edge provides maximum sheave groove contact for even wear and extended belt life.
    • Proprietary Flex-Weave® cover protects the belt's interior from oil, contaminants and heat.
    • Promotes smoother, quieter operation, with less slippage and belt wear.
    • Elastomeric compound protects the belt against heat, ozone and sunlight.
    • Even with severe slippage, the belt will not catch fire from heat build-up.
    • Designed for high horsepower, space-constrained applications.
    • Improved belt life reducing expensive maintenance time.
    • Optimally constructed for small sheave diameter drives.
    • The moulded notch pattern also reduces noise.
    • Patented Ethylene Material construction.
    • Temperature Range: -30°C to +60°C (-70°F to +250°F).
    • More compact design compared to classical section V-belts.
    • Cost and space savings by reducing size of pulleys, bearings, guards and mounts.
    • Match system: all sizes meet Gates UNISET tolerances, they can be installed without matching.
    • Static conductive (ISO 1813) and can as such be used in the conditions described in the Directive 2014/34/EU- ATEX.
    • REACH and RoHS 2 compliant.


    Gates® Super HC® Moulded Notch Belts are constructed from a patented ethylene material that provides high temperature tolerance and exceptional strength. This enables our belts to deliver more horsepower, up to three times more, in less space, making them extremely versatile for a variety of manufacturing and field power transmission applications.

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