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    Synchro-Power™ Flat

    Gates TPU offers a full line of high strength, low stretch flat belts for high performance in lifting and positioning applications. Flat Belts are ideal for heavy load lifting or lowering through smooth, vibration-free motion in an open-ended construction and provide a viable alternative to chain and lift cable. Gates TPU linear extruded flat belts offer various combinations of tensile member materials and several urethane grades, making our belts suited for a wide variety of lifting and pulling applications. This product line offers a range of belt sizes that can accommodate everything from small pulleys to high-load belts with extreme tensile strength and stiffness due to superior steel reinforcement.

    • High strength combined with low elongation offers a compelling solution in a number of demanding applications.
    • Sealed belt edges eliminate cord fraying, enhancing resistance to corrosion and increasing belt life.
    • No re-tensioning required due to high quality, high strength tension members.

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    Application advantages you can count on.

    Our Linear Flat Belts are appropriate for applications such as lift systems, forklifts, and scissor-lift tables. Broad range of potential uses, including with small pulley diameters, all easily guided with flanged pulleys. Both cord construction options, aramid or steel, allow the belt to be extremely strong and durable without compromising flexibility. Linear Flat Belts are typically used in conjunction with clamps at one or both ends.

    Features and Benefits

    • Countless customization options offered by our broad fabrication capabilities, including welded profiles, added backings, and numerous machining options, such as grinding, punching, and slitting.
    • More than 30 different backing materials and over 3,000 designs for welded profiles.
    • Flat Belts enable compact drives with smaller pulley diameters in comparison to conventional drives with steel cords (rope) and allow for space and cost savings.
    • Clean and quiet operation compared to chain – no lubrication or maintenance required.
    • The polyurethane coating ensures anti-slip traction and efficient power transmission.
    • Engineering support is available for customized designs and challenging application scenarios.
    • Allows for “slip” requirement when necessary.
    • Standard Temperature range: -5°C to +70°C (+23°F to +158°F).
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