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    Complete™ Micro-V® Kits

    Gates® Micro-V® Kits make it easy to restore the entire accessory belt drive system. Eliminate customer comebacks by fixing the vehicle the first time by servicing the entire accessory drive. Neglecting to replace the tensioner and pulley(s) at the same time you replace the belt can ultimately shorten the life of the belt as well as other front-end accessory components. Each kit contains a Gates OE-equivalent belt, tensioner, idler pulley, and tech tips for easy, accurate installation to virtually every vehicle on the road today.* *Depending on application, kit contents may not include all parts mentioned.

    • Designed for convenience, easy parts sourcing, and reduced customer comebacks.
    • Includes multi-ribbed belt with premium EPDM construction.
    • Meets or exceeds OE standards in form, function and fit.

    All Parts

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    Everything you need to do the job right, all in one box.

    Why Kits? They get to the root of the problem. A worn or noisy belt is only part of the issue. A complete accessory belt drive system repair is the only way to do the job right.

    • Performing a complete system repair doesn't add much time, but adds a lot of value (and protects against returns).
    • Without proper tension, even the best new belt can’t efficiently transfer power.
    • A worn tensioner can make a new belt wear up to 2x faster.
    • Tensioners wear at the same rate as the belt.
    • Loose parts take more time to source.
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