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    FleetRunner® Heavy Duty Belt Tensioners

    When it comes to rugged applications in severe conditions, FleetRunner® DriveAlign® Heavy-Duty Belt Tensioners is top of the line. For these belt tensioners, there's no such thing as a too-heavy application. Tested to withstand and excel under extreme pressure, get up to three times the life cycle with Gates over other aftermarket providers.

    • Double Row Bearings (twin rows of bearings) carry more load and last up to three times longer than two separate bearings.
    • Labyrinth Seal technology prevents contamination of internal parts improving durability and increasing service life.
    • A Machined Steel Pulley reduces surface wear while shielding the internal bearing from external contaminants and damage.
    • A patented Damping Mechanism provides maximum stability, reduces vibration, and increasing service life.

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    Gates Fleetrunner® Tensioners last up to three times longer than other aftermarket, heavy-duty solutions. This means significantly less downtime, and overall increased economic efficiency.


    The components in the Fleetrunner® Tensioners have been improved and engineered for increased strength and durability, another aspect of Gates Innovation that leads to superior, long-lasting products.

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