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    Gates® Cadenas® Download Portal

    The Gates® Cadenas® download portal is your online source to easily access 3D-data of the Hydraulic Tube Fittings product portfolio. CAD Models for selected parts are available as real native 3D CAD models in over 100 different file formats of common CAD systems including, CATIA®, Autodesk® Inventor®, SolidWorks® and Creo Parametric.


    What’s more, it is possible to generate data sheets in 3D PDF from the electronic catalogue, with all important component information being provided in a compact tabular form. An interactive 3D view is integrated in the data sheet, making every conceivable view available by rotating, zooming and moving all of which can be printed out. In addition to the 3D view, a 2D dimensional drawing with all relevant dimensions is also displayed.


    This information can be accessed below, via the smartphone App "PARTsolutions" and the portal Cadenas "PartCommunity".


    Gates® Cadenas® Download Portal