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    Agricultural Belt Programme

    The Gates Agricultural Belt Programme Premium quality belts assuring reliability ... even under the toughest conditions. Recognising the demands of agricultural machinery, Gates offers you a specially designed Agricultural Belt Programme. This comprehensive range of agricultural replacement belts covers a multitude of applications on combine harvesters and tractors. The programme ensures trouble-free and long-lasting service in the most demanding working conditions of farming machinery. Gates heavy-duty belts are built to original equipment quality and offer excellent performance. They assure your combine harvester or tractor will not suffer from breakdown during the season.


    High performance, quality, dependability Gates is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and heavy-duty belts for the automotive, industrial and agricultural markets. Gates belts feature superior performance through the use of state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes. Choosing Gates is not just buying belts, but also being assured of the power of an experienced brand name. Gates has a long history of creating new products and materials to meet constantly evolving requirements. Our worldwide customer base stems from our advanced belt technology, product development policy.


    Designed for demanding agricultural drives Agricultural belts work in the heaviest conditions possible. Combine harvesters and tractors work outdoors, often in constant sunlight and therefore hot conditions. The use of relatively small tensioners is common, which implies a significant additional load on the belt in terms of deformation and temperature increase. In addition, the belts are subjected to dust, dirt, stones and other objects that may enter between the belt and the pulley. For all these reasons, you should only use belts specifically designed for use on agricultural applications.


    Online and printed in our Agricultural Belt catalogue you will find over 16,000 Gates replacement references for a multitude of OE belts on combine harvesters and tractors, as well as preventive maintenance tips and a trouble shooting guide.