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    MCX Crimpers

    Gates crimpers makes safe, fast and efficient assembly of hydraulic hoses and couplings simple. All machines are custom-designed to work with a well-defined range of Gates hoses and couplings allowing production of factory-quality assemblies that fully comply with European Directives and the most stringent international standards. In addition, our self-assembly machinery offers the highest care and personal safety in your working environment (from workshops to mobile service operations and even on-site field crimping).

    • Easy-to-use products are designed to ensure fast, comfortable handling and we have incorporated this also in our crimper programme.
    • In our electrical-driven crimpers, a standard built-in storage rack lets you choose easy-to-reach, logically organised dies quickly.
    • Gates MCX crimpers lower your maintenance costs by running grease-free.

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    Features and Benefits

    • Comes with a unique, self-lubricating slide bearing system that cuts out metal-to-metal abrasion between master dies and the crimper head and cuts friction by 20%.
    • Field service crimping devices are portable and come with a detachable die storage case, solid and durable handles and resistant rubber protection layers.
    • Our ergonomic design is highly valued both for its contribution to higher productivity figures and its fast approval by local Health and Safety Executives.
    • No need for greasing also brings you a safer and cleaner working environment.
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