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    Flange Kits

    Flange connections offer several advantages. They are easy-to-connect because they can connect ports directly to hoses without the need to use threaded connectors and/or adaptors while being very robust under high loads. Designed to resist high pressures, shock loads and vibration they are the proven performance solution in multiple demanding applications, as well as the preferred assembly solution in confined spaces, where wrenching and/or tightening large hexes could be problematic. Consequently, SAE split flanges are often used as a reliable alternative to regular pipe and tube connections. Needed for Code 61, Code 62, and CAT flanges.

    • Four-bolt flange connections are a proven leak-free connection, accepted worldwide due to their simplicity.
    • A complete set comprises 2 flange clamp halves, 4 bolts, 4 washers and 1 O-ring.

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