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    Vulco Flex® II Radiator Hose

    Gates® Vulco Flex® II radiator coolant hose is a flexible, durable curved hose designed to bend in almost any direction. The hose is engineered with improved sealing surface for greater leak resistance and easily replicates the angles and planes of a wide variety of expensive OE coolant hoses for quick, easy, and cost-effective replacement to virtually every vehicle on the road.

    • Hose vulcanises into shape without unnecessary strain on connections.
    • Improved sealing surface for greater leak resistance.
    • High flexibility for easy installation.

    All Parts

    Part # Product # Description Maximum Working Pressure (psi) Maximum Working Pressure (bar) Inside Diameter (in) Inside Diameter (mm) Outside Diameter (in) Outside Diameter (mm)

    Adjustable Hose for Adaptable Coverage.

    For any make or model, whether the cooling system requires straight-moulded or application-specific solutions, Gates® Vulco Flex™ II coolant hose is designed to fit your customer's vehicles. The flexible radiator hose can bend to severe angles without collapse or kink and includes an EPDM construction that resists corrosion, heat and wear, so you can service more vehicles without part-sourcing stress.

    Features and Benefits

    • Adjustable cuffs to the required length.
    • Maximum vehicle coverage with minimum inventory.
    • Note: Gates recommends replacing both clamps and hoses.
    • Caution: Do not use for fuel or oil transfer applications.
    • Maximum hoses with ID from 25 to 38 mm: 0.21 MPa.
    • Hoses with ID from 38/45 to 50 mm: 0.18 MPa.
    • Hoses with ID from 50/57 to 76 mm: 0.14 MPa.
    • Tube and cover resist heat, ozone and coolants.
    • Temperature rating up to +125°C (+257°F).
    • Rated for SAE 20R5 Class D-2 performance.
    • 40 psi maximum.

    Inspecting Your Coolant Hose.

    As part of our Be System Part initiative, we recommend regularly inspecting your critical vehicle systems, including your cooling system and hoses, at around 60,000 miles. As your coolant hose begins to age, the constant transfer of chemical fluids will corrode your hose from the inside out. When inspecting your coolant hose, there are a few simple signs that it's ready for replacement:

    Press for Soft Spots. The radiator hose is naturally rigid, and any soft spots along the hose body indicates the inner material has begun to break down. Firmly press on the hose body to feel for potential deterioration.

    Check the Ends and Fittings. Look for cracks around the hose end, especially near the hose clamps.

    Feel for Bulges. Run your hands along the hose body to feel for protruding materials, which indicate a rupture within the hose that will eventually lead to failure.

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