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    Gates Expands and Upgrades Innovative Carbon Drive™ Product Line to Deliver Leading-Edge Belt-Drive Technology for Next-Generation Bikes and E-Bikes

    May 25, 2022

    "Chain-to-Belt" movement accelerates with global growth in personal mobility and electrification of bicycle drivetrains

    DENVER , May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Gates Industrial Corporation plc (NYSE: GTES), a global manufacturer of innovative, highly engineered power transmission and fluid power solutions – and a pioneer in belt-driven micromobility – continues to invest in and has expanded its Carbon Drive™ product portfolio.  The company is introducing next-generation belts and other components to enable advances in bicycle drivetrain design and meet growing global demand. Including all-new and improved components across its four key product lines (ST™, CDN™, CDC™, CDX™), the latest Carbon Drive product portfolio reinforces Gates' mission to bring low-maintenance, clean, quiet and strong belt-drive solutions to a broad spectrum of two-wheel and other micromobility applications.

    "For many years we have been focused on converting chains to belt drives across a wide variety of applications, based on the many advantages that belt drives offer.  Nowhere is this happening as quickly as in our mobility end-markets, given strong market drivers for alternative commuting and recreation options," said Tom Pitstick, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of strategic planning for Gates. "Bicycle – especially e-bike – demand is rising rapidly across the globe, and our latest innovations extend our coverage to an even wider range of applications. By adding all-new and significantly upgraded products to our Carbon Drive product lines, we're enabling manufacturers to continue advancing the state-of-the-art and empower cyclists of all kinds with clean, quiet, long-lasting belt drives."

    As a result of its ongoing commitment to innovation and pioneering materials science capabilities, Gates' refreshed line-up of belt drive systems covers a wider variety of applications – entry-level to extreme, human-powered or electric, on-pavement or off.


    Gates' premium CDX line meets the highest demands, including long distances in extreme settings, and it delivers unparalleled quality and performance. Offering three times the life of traditional chain drives, the quiet and essentially maintenance-free CDX system is perfect for rigorous bike and e-bike adventures.  Adding to this flagship product line, Gates introduces a new CDX:BLACK sprocket line for high-torque applications, including the emerging field of geared mid-motor e-bikes and mid-gearbox bicycles. The sprocket line will feature a wide range of rear & front sprockets to accommodate a variety of interfaces, including Shimano Inter-5e, Enviolo, Kindernay, and Bafang hubs, as well as the Valeo geared mid-motor, Pinion gearbox, and more. 


    Gates CDC product line introduces a completely new belt designed specifically for mid-drive e-bikes typically found in commuting applications. Featuring a new combination of highly engineered carbon-fiber tensile cord, high-stiffness ethylene elastomer materials, and nylon tooth fabric, it offers all the belt-drive benefits of cleaner, quieter and more convenient operation plus two to three times the life span of traditional chain drives. This new belt line significantly expands Gates application coverage and market opportunity in mid-market bicycle applications. 


    Balanced between performance and value for urban/city bikes and hub-drive e-bikes, the CDN system is tailored to mid-range applications for seasonal on-road riding and occasional commuting.

    The CDN system also welcomes a newly upgraded belt for recreational riders with up to twice the life span of a traditional chain drive. This next-generation CDN belt features carbon-fiber tensile cords, a new ethylene elastomer (EE) compound, and Gates signature debris-shedding CenterTrack™ design for improved durability and wider operating temperature range vs. the first-generation belt.  In addition, the CDN family also features a newly designed CenterTrack rear sprocket set to provide a complete system solution.   


    The SideTrack (ST) portfolio also upgrades to the next generation ethylene elastomer and carbon cord technology and along with existing ST cranks & sprockets, delivers a solution targeted at the mainstream bicycle market and e-bikes with hub-drive motors.

    New Tensioner

    Gates also unveils a new tensioner compatible with the CDX & CDC product lines, that accentuates the benefits of belt drives and makes it easier for manufacturers to convert from chain to belt. The tensioner features a simple, elegant design, streamlining assembly and adjustment and requiring little to no maintenance. 

    The expanded Carbon Drive product line will be on display and available for test rides near the Hangout at Golden Peak at the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, CO June 9-12.

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    About Gates Industrial Corporation plc

    Gates is a global manufacturer of innovative, highly engineered power transmission and fluid power solutions. Gates offers a broad portfolio of products to diverse replacement channel customers, and to original equipment manufacturers as specified components. For more than a century, Gates has pushed the boundaries of materials science to engineer products that exceed expectations in many sectors of the industrial and consumer markets. Our products play essential roles in a diverse range of applications across a wide variety of end markets including industrial on-highway, industrial off-highway, mobility and recreation, automotive, energy and resources as well as diversified industrial. Our products are sold in more than 30 countries across our four commercial regions: the Americas; Europe, Middle East & Africa; Greater China; and East Asia & India. More about Gates can be found at

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