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    Culture and Benefits

    Good people + Great benefits = Amazing work

    Above all, our employees are what make Gates great. Ask anyone who works here, and they’ll say they love the people they work with. To us, we see this as the highest compliment possible, since happy, collaborative teams create amazing things.

    Much like a big family, we invest in one another, working to embrace our diverse skills and talents to power the progress of our company. We believe our collaborative culture is what sets us apart from others within our industry and helps us thrive in a global economy. It’s also why people love working here and doing some of the best work of their lives.

    "It's exciting to mentor my team and watch them grow."



    Making a Difference in the World


    Like you, we want to make the world a better place. Our company values are grounded in our communities, and we're committed to giving back in every and any way we can. We wholeheartedly support our employees' involvement in charities and the local communities they live in to help make a difference where it matters most.


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    What we stand for:

    Accountability: Reputations are not built overnight. Over the last 100 years, we've built ours with integrity, a strong sense of personal responsibility, and a dedication to working safely.


    Collaboration: Partnership with our customers, suppliers, distributors, and fellow employees is key to our success. We embrace inclusion and diversity of our people while working to ensure that every voice within the organization is heard.


    Tenacity: Excellent performance requires optimism, focus, and the determination to follow through.


    Curiosity: We are continually observing the world and asking, "What's next?". We pursue the answers that improve our world.


    Dedication: Every product and decision we make reflects our unwavering commitment to quality.


    You can review our mission, vision and expanded values on our Company Overview page.

    Awards & Recognition

    We know we're only as good as the people who work for us. That's why we regularly recognize dedicated employees for their contribution. Gates recognition programs provide new opportunities to recognize and reward individuals and to celebrate successes. To honor individuals and teams who best exemplify our spirit of innovation as inspired by our founder, we give our highest recognition: the Charles C. Gates Award for Innovation.

    Safety & Sustainability

    At Gates, we take safety seriously. In fact, the health, safety, and wellness of all employees worldwide is our top priority. We are committed to compliance with all Health, Safety & Environment legal requirements and the Gates Global Health, Safety & Environment Standard. We encourage our employees to take a proactive role in reporting any conditions they feel are unhealthy, unsafe, or environmentally irresponsible.