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    Powergrip™ GT4™ Rubber Synchronous Belt

    Introducing a newly designed ethylene elastomer high-torque synchronous belt.

    Engineered with the latest in advanced technology and materials science expertise, Gates® PowerGrip™ GT4™ delivers the highest power-carrying capacity of any belt in its class. In addition, Gates designed a belt with increased chemical resistance and larger temperature range capability. Gates® Powergrip™ GT4™ belt delivers improved performance over a wide range of industrial applications. The 8MGT and 14MGT pitches are the optimum choice for high performance drives in the machine tool, paper and textile industries where durability and low maintenance are required. From resource processing to heavy manufacturing, automated production to custom assembly — Gates® Powergrip™ GT4™ solutions improve uptime, efficiency, productivity, reliability and safety for industries around the world.

    • Higher, class-leading power-carrying capacity giving you the option to use a narrow belt
    • No lubrication and no re-tensioning needed, eliminating maintenance costs throughout the life of the belt
    • Improves ergonomics — less weight reduces fatigue and strain during installation

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    Discover the superior performance, uptime, reliability and total cost of ownership with Gates® PowerGrip™ GT4™ belts for factories, plants and other industrial equipment. Combining all new advanced materials science and process engineering, Gates introduces a new belt-driven solution for narrower drives, offering larger temperature range capability, improved chemical resistance and higher power capacity.

    • Higher power capacity for optimum performance
    • Rust free and safe for use in food handling spaces
    • No lubrication and no stretching
    • Improved safety and ergonomics
    • Reduced environmental risk
    • Improved chemical resistance
    • High tooth jump resistance
    • Larger temperature range
    • Increased uptime and reduced maintenance equals lower total cost of ownership

    Features and Benefits

    • Environmentally friendly — made without harmful chlorinated compounds
    • Lower noise vs. competitive chain solutions — elimination of metal-on-metal chain clatter
    • Safer for use in more applications — rust free and no oil contaminants
    • Larger temperature range capability


    • Standard widths of 12, 20, 30, 50, 85 mm (8MGT); 40, 55, 85, 115, 170 mm (14MGT)
    • Fully operational in a wide range of temperatures: -40°C to +140°C (-40°F to +284°F) *Highest temperatures for intermittent use
    • Static conductive (ISO9563) as well as for conditions described in the Directive 2014/34/EU-ATEX
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