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    Idler Sprockets

    Gates Idler Sprockets are ideal for use in chain drive conversions. They can be used to take-up extra belt length and provide adjustment for tensioning belt drives. Idler pulleys and sprockets can also be used to alter belt paths and navigate obstructions.

    • Ideal for belt drive customization.
    • Multi-belt type compatible.
    • Available nickel plating for improved corrosion resistance.
    • Maintenance-free operation.
    • Includes: sprocket, sealed ball bearings, integral shaft.
    • Adjustable idler brackets sold separately.

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    Flexible Drive Design

    Gates® Idler Sprockets can be integral belt drive components, providing drive designers with added versatility in creating drive solutions. When specific operational challenges present themselves, Idler Sprockets can be used to alter belt paths and navigate machinery obstructions, without sacrificing drive performance. To provide even more assistance to drive designers, Gates offers application engineering assistance and tools, such as our Partview system.

    Multi-Belt Compatible

    Gates® Idler Sprockets are available in a range of sizes and material composition, making them compatible with Poly Chain® GT™ belts, Poly Chain®, Poly Chain® GT™, Carbon belts, and Powergrip GT™ belts.