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    Quad-Power® 4 Powerband®

    Gates PowerBand® belts are engineered for drives that are subject to pulsating loads, shock loads or extreme vibrations. By joining several Quad-Power® 4 V-belts together the Quad-Power® 4 PowerBand® offers a maintenance-free solution for drives where single belts vibrate, turn over or jump off the pulleys. It comes with all of the advantages of the single belt: this SERVICE FREE EPDM belts are designed to extend product life time eliminating costly downtime for re-tensioning, repair and replacement.

    • PowerBand® construction is built as one solid unit, controlling the belt-to-belt distance and preventing sideways bending.
    • Provides excellent resistance against vibrations and shock loads.
    • Service-free PowerBand® V-belt with high stability on the toughest drives.
    • Minimal-elongation polyester tensile cords allow for stable tension over the entire lifetime.
    • Flat back construction reduces noise when used with a back side idler or tensioner.
    • Halogen-free belt.
    • Temperature Range: -50° to +130°C.

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