Predictable performance in unpredictable conditions

We understand construction environments can rarely be controlled. Sun, chemicals, abrasion and weathering take a harsh toll on your equipment, which can cause your equipment to fail prematurely, costing you thousands of pounds every hour your operation stands idle. From high onsite injury risks to strict regulatory fines, you need solutions on the cutting edge of safety, reliability and performance to power your construction project’s progress.

  • Hose solutions that can reduce your costs by avoiding premature failure.
  • XtraTuff™ and MegaTuff™ cover options give you extra protection from abrasion and exposure to the elements.
  • TuffCoat™ coupling plating beats the industry standard by nearly 600% to prevent rust on your equipment.
  • MegaSys™ and PRO™ Series CR1 and CR2 Hydraulic hose assemblies provide reliable power across a broad set of construction application requirements.

Relieving downtime in no time.

When downtime strikes, you need replacement parts fast. Our nationwide network of certifiedGates distributors carry our broad catalog of products and provide just-in- time service to reduceyour inventory costs and keep your equipment running. When you’ve got a job to do, Gatesgives you the products to get it done.