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Silicone Engine Coolant Hose

When your application demands a long-lasting, high-performing coolant hose, Gates® Silicone Engine Coolant Hose is the one for the job. The silicone coolant hose maintains superior performance in both extremely hot and cold environments. We've also engineered our silicone coolant hoses with wrapped fabric-plied reinforcement to provide additional toughness as compared to a standard single ply hose.

  • Operates in extreme temperatures ranging from -65°F to +347°F (-55°C to +175°C)
  • Use with PowerGrip® SB clamps or silicone hose clamps
  • For air or water applications. Not intended for use with fuel or oil
  • Custom lengths available with minimum order quantity

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Part # Product # Description Max W.P. (psi) Max W.P. (bar) Hose I.D. (in) Hose I.D. (mm) Hose O.D. (in) Hose O.D. (mm) Vac. (inHg) MBR (in) Wt. Per ft Len. (ft)
41710213 41710213 1X10FT ENGINE COOLANT SILICONE 90 90 6.2 1 25.4 1.39 35.3 7 12 0.4 10
41710246 41710246 3X10FT ENGINE COOLANT SILICONE 50 50 3.4 3 76.2 3.39 86.1 1.17 10
41710285 41710285 2X10FT ENGINE COOLANT SILICONE 75 75 5.2 2 50.8 2.39 60.7 0.73 10
41710290 41710290 4X10FT ENGINE COOLANT SILICONE 35 35 2.4 4 101.6 4.39 111.5 1.54 10
1-4 of 4 Items

Happy Engine, Happy Vehicle.

The performance of your engine relies on the performance of the cooling system, and more specifically, the coolant hose. Gates® designs, tests, and manufactures superior aftermarket cooling system solutions to ensure every replacement is an exact fit and services vehicles with equivalent or better performance, durability, and efficiency.

Cheers to a Long Life.

The combination of a silicone cover and hose tube creates an extremely durable coolant transfer system that resists damaging exposure to underhood and coolant heat. Only Gates® innovative material composites and product constructions can give you the most strong and durable solutions on the market.