Food Grade Belts

Used for meat, poultry, cheese, and raw food processing, USDA-certified Gates urethane belts are designed to optimize your food processing operations. The smooth belt surfaces minimize contamination and product waste, with easy-to-clean technology and stable belt properties under all lengths, loads, and temperatures. Work with our team of application engineers to design positive drive and frictional drive conveying solutions, with custom configurations engineered to drive down your belt drive downtime.

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Gates® PosiClean™ provide a smooth, clean-in-place replacement for one-inch or two-inch tooth pitch plastic modular chain for your food processing applications.

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Designed for applications that require synchronous motion, Gates® CenterClean™ belts are constructed with flexible urethane and sealed Kevlar™ tension members to run on small diameter sheaves with minimal stretch.

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FlatClean™ all-purpose, USDA-approved polyurethane flat belts combine a non-fraying urethane jacket with sealed tension members to eliminate edge fray, reduce retensioning, and extend belt life.

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In an industry where sanitation is critical, Gates clean-in-place technology saves you on downtime, water, and labor costs.

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