Pay A-Tension and You Can Stop the Squeal

I60R90Be System Smart

Many of the symptoms that indicate a problem with the serpentine system – squeal, vibration, excessive belt wear, and illumination of the “check engine” light – can be traced to a worn or failed tensioner. That’s why the tensioner is the best place to start when diagnosing trouble. Prevent costly system failure by inspecting the serpentine system at 60K miles and replacing worn components by 90K miles, or as advised by the manufacturer. All parts in a system are engineered to work in concert and wear at about the same rate. When components wear, they put the entire system at risk. The wisest long-term investment is to Be System Smart with complete system repairs and replace the belt, tensioner, and pulleys together. Learn more about being System Smart here.

Understanding the Accessory Belt Drive System

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Global OE SupplierForeign Isn't Foreign to Us

Gates belts and hoses are OE on vehicles from around the world.

  • Gates is the OE supplier for more than 50% of the timing belts in the market today
  • Gates represents roughly 25.8% of the entire OE market globally
  • Gates is OE on 8 of the top 25 global engine platforms

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