Installation Instructions

Gates Micro-V® Stretch Fit® belts require specialized service instructions in order to complete a belt repair. The service instructions for each application are available to be viewed in the links below. In order to determine which link to click on, match the Alpha character on the Gates belt sleeve with the same Alpha character below and click on the link to view the service instructions. It is possible that a special installation tool may be required in order to complete the belt replacement. 

Installation A
Installation B
Installation C
Installation D
Installation E
Installation F
Installation G
Installation H
Installation I
Installation J
Installation K
Installation L
Installation M 
Installation N 
Installation O 

This tool is required for proper installation to avoid damaging the stretch fit belt.

Micro-V Stretch Fit Belt Installation Tool

Installation tool for Gates Micro-V® Stretch Fit® belts.

Stretch Fit Tool

For 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta with 1.6L engines.

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