Gates G-Force is a Proud Sponsor of these Snowmobile Racers for the 2017 Season:


Donna Davidson
Strand Enterprises

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Donna won numerous titles in 2015 for snowmobile drag racing including being a two time ISR World Series Class Champion and High Points Award recipient.

Cody Knutson
Top Tier Motorsports

Plover, Wisconsin
Cody began racing at the age of four. In 2016 he won six Pro-Lite Champion titles.
  Ryan Weidemann
Ryan Weidemann Racing
Stratford, Iowa
In 2016, Ryan was a USXC Trail Class Champion (his first championship!). In 2017 he will compete in USXC Expert 85 and Expert 85 Improved Classes.
  Jeff Hayford
Hayford Racing
Walker, Minnesota
Jeff started racing snowmobiles when he was 19 years old. In the 2015-16 season, he finished 3rd in the Sport Open and Sport 600 season championship. 
  Alex Hetteen
Hayford Racing
Roseau, Minnesota
Alex's grandfather was a co-founder of Polaris, and Alex works at Polaris as a Powertrain Engineer! In the 2015-16 season, he had ten podium finishes, including six 1st place finishes.
  Jill Tangen
Hayford Racing
Roseau, Minnesota

Jill has been racing for over 6 years. She finished the 2015-16 season with a 1st place finish in the USXC Pro-Women season championship, making her a Pro-Women Champ two years in a row!

  Daniel Herberg
Hayford Racing
Princeton, Minnesota
Dan has been an avid snowmobile rider all his life. He finished the 2015-16 season with a 2nd place in USXC Sport 600.
  Cade Hayford
Hayford Racing
Walker, Minnesota
Cade has been riding snowmobiles since he was 2 years old. He raced his first season as the youngest racer in the Sport 600 class and finished in 7th place for the year end season points.
Tyler Wilkerson
Hess Drag Racing
Limington, Maine
Tyler had a great 2016 season. Racing at the New England Dragway, he managed to finish runner-up out of 17 motorcycles and snowmobiles, only to be beat out by his teammate (and grandfather Jim Hess) who is also using a Gates G-Force belt.
  Jim Hess
Hess Drag Racing
Gorham, Maine Jim got is start in 1970 when he drag raced his '55 Chevy! He's raced all over New England, from Maine to Delaware, and is still racing the same sled today. His grandson is Tyler Wilkerson, another sponsored racer!
  Chad Dow
Chase Toys Inc
Unity, Maine Chad started racing snowmobiles at the age of 16, and in 2001 had multiple time rock maple racing wins. His biggest accomplishment is finishing 8th in the Iron Dog, the highest team outside of Alaska to ever finish.
  Tim Lessard
Chase Toys Inc
Unity, Maine
Tim started racing snowmobiles in the mid 1990s. He's also the owner of Grip N Rip Racing company with his wife Carey. His most notable accomplishment is winning the 2009 Cain's Quest endurance race.
  Andy Wenzlaff
Wenzlaff Racing
Nekoosa, Wisconsin
In 2016, Andy headlined with a 2nd place finish in Pro Open at the Naytahwaush Snodeo. He also placed 2nd in COR Powersports Pro Factory and Pro Stock season points.

Jake Wenzlaff
Wenzlaff Racing
Nekoosa, Wisconsin
Jake has 3 years of cross-country racing experience. The 2015-16 season was challenging, but he placed 5th in both Semi-Pro Factory season points and Open season points.
  Ellie Wenzlaff
Wenzlaff Racing
 Nekoosa, Wisconsin Ellie has 4 years of cross-country racing experience. During the 2014-15 season, she won 8 of 9 races!

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