G-Force Product Reviews from Actual Gates Customers

Moore Racing

SnowTech Magazine - 

"We have been using the Gates G-Force drive belts on our snowmobiles for the past two seasons and they are awesome. They drop right into our sleds and do not require any calibration changes. The only thing needed is to set the ride height in the secondary, as with ANY new drive belt. They wear well, are very slow to lose their width, and the sleds run as they should at the right shift RPM with no slippage and less heat. They are our first choice for drive belts on our fleet of test sleds."

- Kevin Beilke, Editor

Chase Toys - 

"In 2014, Tim and Chad tested the belts before the Iron Dog cross country snowmobile race in Alaska and found that they were much more consistent than the stock belts. By consistent we mean that the belt would hold the same peak RPM in all conditions from the tight trails to holding the sled at wide open throttle for long distances across a lake. The stock belt would change peak RPMs when it got hot and the Gates belt would not. Plus the Gates belt was slightly faster than the stock belt and wouldn't lose speed like the stock one would once it got hot."

"Before the race began we had heard of other teams blowing a lot of stock belts during the race in the past years. We were worried we would have the same problem, so we each carried two spares just in case. The first layover in the race is just over 300 miles so we were thinking we may change a belt there just as a precaution. The sleds were working really well with very consistent RPMs, so we decided to keep running the belt we started with. As the race progressed we got more and more confident in the durability of the Gates belt. We raced all the way to Nome which is just over 1000 miles on the same belt we started the race with. We were very impressed. We had a 15 minute inspection in Nome and the belts on both sleds looked almost like new, showing only slight wear."

"To be safe we decided to put new belts on the sleds for the final 1,000 miles to the finish. We pushed our sleds even harder in the second half of the race with many miles at wide open throttle, which is very hard on a belt. The sleds made it to the finish with zero belt problems and nice consistent RPMs. We want to thank all the folks at Gates for making incredible products and we look forward to working with them again."

- Tim Lessard & Chad Dow

Jordan Phillips Racing -

"The most reliable machine will get you across the finish line. A belt failure is something that can prevent me from winning a race."

"I choose the Gates G-Force C12 belt because it is reinforced with carbon fiber and is highly resistant to heat and stretching. In a race we create a lot of heat in the belt box from running the machine wide open as much as possible. I have been racing with Gates G-Force C12 belts since 2011 and I have never had a belt failure. I have seen plenty of other brands break, including OEM belts. This is why I only use Gates C-12 belts."

"Why should you use a Gates G-Force C12 belt? The Gates G-Force C12 will not leave you on the side of the trail. They are highly resistant to heat, stretching, and they are proven to hold up against even the harshest race conditions. It is an easy decision, especially for the value of the Gates G-Force C12 belts!"

- Jordan Phillips

 Team CC - 

"We chose Gates G-Force belts not only for their toughness, but for their consistency. Being able to go 2,000 miles at the right RPM in extreme conditions helped us win the world’s longest, toughest snowmobile race."

- Korey Cronquist

"We ran Gates G-Force belts to not only win the Iron Dog, but set a new course record! We never had to worry about blowing a belt and spending precious minutes cutting the cords out of the clutches. While other teams were changing and blowing belts constantly, we were able to maintain RPM and speed which carried us to the top spot on the podium. I wouldn't run anything else! Thank you!"

- Champion Iron Dog Rider Tyson Johnson

"The-G Force belts are by far the best belt we have ever ran for performance and durability. At times during Iron Dog, we will run wide open for an hour straight. We have complete confidence in the G-Force belt's performance to maintain RPM and durability, and it's nice to know that we don't need to worry about a blown belt costing us any time in the race."

- Tyler Aklestad

Strand Enterprises - 

"We use the G-Force C12 Belt from Gates/G-Force on all of our ice drag race snowmobiles and trail snowmobiles. A Championship win not only involves the racer, but it also involves top of the line products. For snowmobile racing and recreation, you can't beat the G-Force C12 Belt. We've tested the G-Force C12 Belt on all of our snowmobiles and we have found that it has outperformed the other belts, which we have tried. The G-Force C12 Belt has proven to perform better with the torque and RPM's that we create both on the race track, and on the trail. Time is money on the race track. With this belt, you're changing your belts less frequently and spending more time focused on the win!"

- Donna Davidson #28, Racer

Blake Barnum - 

"Switching over to Gates G-Force belts has been one of best changes to my program. G-Force C12 belts are by far the best belts on the market! Worcs is an extreme style of racing and will push the cars and parts to the limit. I have never had a belt failure even in the most extreme conditions. Everyone always asks me how I never have belt failures. I tell them two things: 1.) G-Force belts and 2.) Head over to and read how to properly break in their belt. Clutch maintenance is an important part to keep your belts from having any early failures. Proper clutching and alignment with clean sheaves will keep your belt lasting with no issues. A little extra time checking this will keep you out on the trail longer."

- Blake Barnum

Team FCR - 

"I have been racing with Gates G-Force belts since 2013. I have had great luck with them in all types of conditions and have yet to have a failure. Why should you use a Gates G-Force belt? If the G-Force belts can handle the extremes we put them through in our racing, they are more than capable of handling anything you can throw at them either on the trail or on the farm."

- Clint Zentner

"This is my first year of UTV racing and I have ran nothing else besides Gates G-Force belts and couldn't be any more satisfied with them. The reliability and quality is second to none. Our series has us racing in the roughest conditions from deep sand to wide open tracks, and the Gates G-Force belts have held up tremendously. If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting belt that can handle conditions from the roughest tracks out there to just fun trail riding, Gates will not let you down!"

- Josh Luketic

"I started using Gates G-Force belts at the beginning of the 2016 GNCC race season. I was a believer in Gates G-Force belts after round one of GNCC racing. It was a super sandy and whooped out track (which is absolute torture on a belt), but the Gates G-Force belt never even attempted to slip in the Florida heat. With Gates G-Force belts I can run more aggressive clutching and drive the car into and out of corners much harder without having to worry about my belt letting go on me. On top of top-of-the-line products, Gates also has great education on their website as to proper belt maintenance and prep, which is key to making a belt perform and survive especially under race conditions! Gates G-Force belts will definitely be a driving force pushing my car to the front!"

- Justin Fleming

"I started using Gates G-Force belts at the beginning of the 2016 GNCC season. After many burnt up belts in my previous years of racing, it was a relief to finally get help from such a great company and product. I recommend Gates G-Force belts to racers and everyday trail riders because they are TEAM FCR race proven!"

- Justin Luketic

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